Is Your Ageing Website Driving Customers Away?

Is Your Ageing Website Driving Customers Away? FREE Report

Simply having a website isn’t the same as having an effective one. The internet is a constantly evolving landscape and what you once thought was pretty sharp can quickly become redundant. With this in mind, it’s important to review your website regularly but how often should you redesign it? The answer to this question depends on many factors such as the products or services you offer, and how you want to engage with your market. Generally speaking though, because technology and design trends change frequently, even the best website designs won’t hold up longer than about three years.

Some Common Problems

We’ve all visited websites that fail because the design is amateur or dated but there are also many other common issues that can detract from your website’s effectiveness. These include out-of-date content, broken links, poor navigation (making information hard to find) or it doesn’t look right on different devices. Not having a website at all can mean your business is missing out on potential customers, but a poorly-designed, badly-written or malfunctioning website can do even more damage by degrading your brand and turning visitors away prematurely. A lot of work can go into drawing visitors to your website which is wasted if they leave before you’ve conveyed your message.

A Few Simple Questions

Some things are essential for any website and at the very least you should ask yourself these simple questions…

  • Does it look modern and professional?
  • Is my brand in focus throughout the website?
  • Is the content useful, interesting and continuously updated?
  • Does it work on many different devices?
  • Are my contact details on every page?
  • Is it optimised for search engines to easily find and index?
  • Can I easily update it myself?
  • Does it incorporate seamless connection with my Social Media channels?
  • Is it part of a wider marketing campaign with measurable results?

If you answered “no” or are unsure about any of the above, chances are your website is due for a makeover or at least a serious review.

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